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Images from various projects we've worked on.

262 CCLXII Verso Fall of the Antichrist  Nuremberg Chronicle
Spine Byron Works
Block Front Secretary Desk Antique
Roman Bronze of Hercules
Midcentury Modern Dresser
Pair of Greek Aryballos with Lions
Group of Aryballos jars
Group of antique telescopes including Alvin Clark
Coin Bank
19th Century Armorial Model of Knight on horse
Vintage moving van toy
Japanese plate
St. Louis World's Fair Donkey Clock
Antique Victorian Side by Side Secretary bookcase
Detail of Pallasite Meteorite, Brenham
In Memoram Funeral Stainded Glass Mausoleum Window
Raymond Loewy style set.jpg
Mid century modern abstract art painting
Louis Tiffany Stained Glass Window
Detail of Stianed glass ceiling
Coillection of Iron meteorites, Canyon Diablo
SLie og Brenham Pallasite Meteorite
Academy Award
Yugoslavian Wegner style chair
Jens Quistgaard Kebenstyle for Dansk
Fake German Regimental Beer Stein, postwar, lithophane base
Midcentury modern chess set
Bitossi Rimini Vase
Assyrian cylinder seal and clay impressi
Fake German Regimental Beer Stein, postwar, lithophane base
antique 19th century transfer ware platter
20th century whimisical Pottery
Vladmir Kagan enamel top table
!9th century landscape genre art
Inuit soapstone steatite sculpture
Mid century modern painitng
Don Shoemaker Cocobolo Sling chair
Silver 19th century dedicatory water pitcher
Antique cast iron donkey coin bank
19th century armorial model
Important 19th century Hudson River Scho
Project Images: Gallery
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