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Aves Appraisal offers individually designed valuation services, made to respond directly to our client's needs.

We are independent and objective.

Given our experience and membership in professional appraisal organizations we're able to draw upon a large field of knowledge, skills and experience as needed. 

Edward is a member of the International Society of Appraisers with the Accredited Member designation, a member of the New England Appraiser's Association, several estate planning councils and specialty collector organizations.


Tell me about your background! What’s the path you took to get to AVES? 

I'm a native New Englander and  I always enjoyed history and the stories told by objects. My first career was as a working archaeologist, primarily in the Northeastern United States but with a few years of experience in the Pacific Northwest. While I had a couple areas of deep specialty as a working archaeologist, I never really knew what any project would hold. As result I was compelled to become a generalist which has proven useful in the appraisal business. It was really great training in how to apply material culture analysis skills to a wide variety of situations.

After many years of archaeology I took a position helping a struggling non-profit ramp up their fund-raising sales in a boutique thrift store environment. We started with a small resale operation, just a few sales a year. I refocused my material culture skills on a more recent range of goods. Within a few years we grew it into a multiple location and online business, responsible for raising over $500,000 every year, covering more than one-third of operations costs. In the meantime I co-wrote an award winning blog about the goods we handled.

After 10 years I decided it was time to stretch my skills, so I joined the team of the Pacific Northwest's most respected high value antique, estate sales and appraisal firm. I was very fortunate and got to work with some of the finest antiques and objects of virtue. I worked with everything from Assyrian cylinder seals through collectible glass like Tiffany and Chihuly, fine china, art work, books and pretty much all residential contents.

It was a great operation and I'm thankful for the opportunity to work with such fascinating items and people.


Being originally from New England I have a lot of family and connections here so it was a natural fit to come back.

Since then I started my appraisal business; one with a northeast regional focus. I've had the honor of working on fine estates, presidential owned material, early printed books and a fun project assessing the collection of a small but amazing public institution.

What do you love most about your job? 


I love that it's not predictable, the variety of objects I see and discovering the stories that they can tell. Sometimes it can be relatively mundane, like the sales slips from the family store of a man who later won an Academy Award but which he kept for over 70 years. Sometimes it's simply the tales told by the family, like how mom was a spy for the French resistance. Other times it's working with one of a kind museum quality pieces. My most favorite recent project is helping a collector rediscover the story of a early 20th century female artist as I researched the history of a family heirloom.


Do you have any volunteer/non-profit experience?


In addition to the ten years I spent working for a small non-profit and helping their partner agencies I've volunteered my time and expertise with valuing and handling items for several organizations.

I currently volunteer for a small thrift store that does great work for a local hospital. It has amazing stuff, staff and greatly under appreciated potential.

I volunteer with my local historical society, helping shape the future of educational exhibits and displays.

I am also participating as a volunteer in an ongoing archaeological research project that is focused on identifying and studying settlements from the early to mid-1600's in coastal Maine.

Finally, I am part of a key committee for one of the premier national appraisal organizations.



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