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We are proud of our work and the services we offer. Here are a few comments from our customers and clients.

When my father died, we had a diverse collection of antiques and collectibles to sort through. They were sentimental to us because we’d grown up around them every day, but we needed help to determine whether they had any monetary value.


After doing some preliminary research, we saw hundreds of people and companies that did appraisals, auctions and estate sales.  We were overwhelmed. We wanted someone who was accredited and met professional and ethical standards who could offer estimates of what a piece was worth but was also aware of what it goes for in today’s market. 


I reached out to the attorney who was handling my father’s estate and was given a few recommendations.  These were people or companies they’d worked with before or had been recommended by clients who’d worked with them.


During my initial conversation with Edward Kitson of Aves Appraisal, Valuation & Estate Services, I felt in my bones that he was the one. As an Accredited Member of the International Society of Appraisers as well as a member of the New England Appraisers Association he was exceptionally professional, highly ethical and friendly. We spoke over the phone and by email from pictures I sent, and he gave me “homework” to look for special markings and manufacturer names so he could do deeper research. His knowledge, expertise and advice was extremely useful.


These days it seems increasingly difficult to find people in the service industry willing to take an extra step to help a customer.  Edward is the exception!  Losing my father was difficult and emotional for our family.  Edward recognized this and went out of his way to make this part of the process easeful.  I would highly recommend him to anyone. 

Sue D. July 2021

It was wonderful to talk with you this afternoon about how to handle this situation. I appreciate your interest in making this as cost-effective and easy as possible … Thank you again for all of your help and compassion. It’s very reassuring in our strange new world to know that kindness is capable of surviving the pandemic in others too. 

Gretchen E. May 2021

Thank you again for your work. I have personally learned a lot from this process.

Jesse K. July 2021

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